Colonies give Corinth Power

Corinth was famous among the other ancient cities thanks to the colonies and trading posts it established. The Corinthians were sailing to the Ionian and Adriatic Seas from as early as the 8th c. B.C. There, they founded new cities: Corcyra (modern island of Corfu), Leukas (modern island of Leukada), Ambrakia (modern city of Arta, Epirus), Epidamnos (modern Durrës), Apollonia (Illyria, Albania), as well as Syracuse in Sicily, Italy. Later, turning their attention to the Aegean, they colonized Potidaea in the peninsula of Chalcidice, Macedonia. Ancient writers and excavation finds bear witness to the fact that Corinth greatly influenced its colonies’ way of life, arts and crafts. By founding colonies, Corinth dominated the market places of the Mediterranean and grew into a powerful metropolitan city.